The Internet is getting faster allowing businesses to implement cost-effective cloud hosted applications, rich media solutions and VoIP.

But it's also the case that the Internet is getting more dangerous. Hardly a day goes by now without the news media reporting another serious cyber security breach.

Every Business Needs a Unified Threat Management (UTM) Solution

It's now a reality for every business - big or small - that the days of a standard firewall/router device are no longer sufficient for business-grade network security and performance. Accordingly we're now advising all our clients to replace their existing firewalls with a UTM solution.

A UTM solution that is capable of coping with the faster Internet access speeds and at the same time protecting your computer systems from the increasing dangers of the Internet.

UTM appliances provide a range of network security including:

  • Malware protection - providing protection against malicious file downloads;
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention - providing alerts and prevention for suspicious network traffic;
  • VPN access - providing secure, encrypted traffic between locations;
  • Content filtering - providing category based URL filtering, and
  • Reporting - providing comprehensive reporting on Internet access at the user level.

An added benefit of most UTM appliances is that they also provide:

  • Application load balancing;
  • Application prioritizing, and
  • Failover protection, when used in conjuction with a second Internet connection, for example - a Telstra 4G USB device.

Introducing the NetCare UTM Service

Our NetCare UTM service is based on the industry leading range of appliances from Cisco. For $150 per month (plus GST) the NetCare UTM service includes the following:

  • Cisco Meraki MX64 - industry leading design and functionality;
  • Cisco software updates - essential to ensure your UTM continues to protect your network from the latest cyber threats;
  • Installation and configuration tailored to your business requirements for a one-off fee of $640 (plus GST);
  • 2 business hour hardware replacement service for Sydney sites - in the unlikely event your hardware fails, a NetCare engineer will visit your site and replace it; and
  • Next business day hardware replacement service (via Cisco) for sites outside of Sydney.