Different organisations have different requirements when it comes to IT support. Some want to use their IT support provider on an as-required basis, whilst others make a business decision to outsource their IT strategic and operational activities.

The cost of IT support will depend primarily on which of these 2 service models you choose:

Time and Materials

Historically, this has been the most common way to provide IT support services to businesses. Also known as "break-fix" services, essentially you agree on an hourly rate, or perhaps a fixed price to "fix" your problem when something "breaks".

Variations on this option include pre-purchasing blocks of hours or dollars. If you're in a major city like Sydney and depending on the skill level of the engineer doing the work, you should expect to pay an hourly rate between $120 and $180 per hour.

For more details on our Time and Materials solution, please review our NetCare OnDemand plan.

Managed IT Services

These days, many organisations prefer to have IT support services provided on a fixed price per month arrangement. This allows a firm budget amount to be set aside for the support of the current IT systems that are in place. More importantly, it also means that the IT support provider takes responsibility and accountability for the smooth and effective operation of the IT systems on a proactive basis.

Today, most IT support providers have a fixed price per month support plan. In general, they're based upon the number of computers being supported and prices vary from $60 per desktop computer up to $500 per server depending on the range of services included in the support plan.

Managed services agreements are fast evolving and today you should expect to be assigned at least 2 technical specialists who are completely familiar with your technology and business requirements.

For more details on our Managed IT Services solution, please review our NetCare Technology Success plan.

Which One is Right for You?

When changing to a new IT support provider, one of the early decisions you'll need to make is what sort of support plan you require. NetCare have been providing IT services to Sydney business since 1990 so we've got a wealth of experience in helping you work out what sort of arrangement is best for you.

Feel free to contact us for an initial discussion on whether we're a good fit for your IT support requirements going forward.